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Estonian Social Dances

Instructional booklet, DVD, and music CD

  • Are you looking for easy and fun dances to teach?  These Estonian social dances have been taught with great success throughout the west coast of the US and Canada.
  • The steps are so simple that even non-dancers can do them.
  • This book is intended for all folk dance teachers and community organizers who wish to make social gatherings come alive and get people out of their chairs!
  • Easy step-by-step instructions in English and Estonian, 13 dances, video DVD, and CD of the music in various speeds. All for only $20 US !!

Samples from the DVD and booklet coming soon.

Ordering Instructions:

Print this page, fill out the form below, and send with $20 US to Liina Teose (director of the folk dance troupe). If you wish, you may first contact Liina at liina.teose@juno.com. (Updated March 2009.)

Your Name:     ___________________________________________

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Include a check for $20 US made out and sent to:

          Liina Teose
          1735 SW Westwood Ct.
          Portland, OR  97239